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EXL Racing

We Race. We Educate. We Care.

Our Mission

To conduct a Racing Partnership that is all encompassing in the Thoroughbred world. We Race. We Educate. We Care.


Our team has worked together for decades developing the shared goals and values that define our process. We are nothing without the horse, and horsemanship is what grounds us.  We use the soundness of that foundation to make decisions about each individual horse that will give them the best chance to succeed at the track. 


Success is also about relationships, and we work hard to build and maintain them. Just like developing a young horse, it takes time and patience and an individual approach. We use our hard-won experience to give our clients a great experience. 


Rudy worked with Becky Thomas, and Bruno Debert, selecting babies, yearlings and two-year-olds for the sales and racing. His attention to detail is incredible. Rudy sends horses to the track ready-made - he is completely hands-on in every stage of the prep process, patiently molding and shaping each individual to give them the best chance of success. 


•    We select stock based on decades of experience in watching horses and from operations and people we know and trust. 

•    We develop that stock in an individual manner, giving each horse the best foundation we can for success. 

•    We chose trainers with whom we have professional and personal relationships. The mutual trust and respect we have built with our trainers is essential for the type of open and honest communication we value.

•    We value and respect our partners and we love to educate new partners about the game. 

The Story Behind Bo

Bo Cruz is a fictional character in the movie 'Hustle' starring Adam Sandler as an NBA scout, Stanley Sugerman, who travels abroad looking for talent, he finds Bo Cruz on a public basketball court in Spain.


You know stars come from anywhere, everywhere, in all shapes and sizes.


Its' what 'we' do in this industry, we beat the bushes in search for talent from weanlings, to yearlings and two-year-olds.


Rudy Delguidice, my mentor, didn't have to go to Spain, to work the yearling sales together, and like Sugerman didnt' have a big budget so we had to find deals, horses that slip thru the cracks or have less than commercial pedigrees.

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